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Entry:04/11/2013 (Position 37)
Last week in charts:31/03/2014 (Position 33)
Peak:13 (1 weeks)
Place on best of all time:2835 (368 points)
Music/Lyrics:Guy Sebastian
Sam Martin
David Ryan Harris
Khris Lorenz
Producer:Khris Lorenz
World wide:
fr  Peak: 183 / weeks: 1
be  Tip (Vl)
se  Peak: 49 / weeks: 6
au  Peak: 4 / weeks: 18
nz  Peak: 13 / weeks: 14

Sony -

Digital Sony - (Sony)
1. Like A Drum

3:01Like A DrumSony
3:00So Fresh: The Hits Of Autumn 2014Sony
Nick G & Ron Reeser Radio Edit3:35Urban Dance 8Sony
88843 05580 2
3:21The Dome Vol. 70Sony
88843 01411 2
3:02Now Fitness 2014Universal
3:01Nova - The Hits Of 2014Sony
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Angels Brought Me Here07/12/2003122
All I Need Is You14/03/2004514
Art Of Love (Guy Sebastian feat. Jordin Sparks)08/02/2010716
Who's That Girl (Guy Sebastian feat. Eve)29/11/2010124
All Night Long - 2011 Mix (Lionel Richie feat. Guy Sebastian)21/03/2011122
Like It Like That09/05/2011306
Don't Worry Be Happy27/02/2012261
Battle Scars (Guy Sebastian feat. Lupe Fiasco)20/08/2012222
Get Along07/01/201397
Like A Drum04/11/20131314

Just As I Am21/12/2003312
Like It Like That15/03/2010281
Twenty Ten29/11/2010248
(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay
3 Words
All For One (Ronan Keating and Guy Sebastian)
All I Need Is You
All I Want For Christmas Is You
All Night Long - 2011 Mix (Lionel Richie feat. Guy Sebastian)
All To Myself
Angels Brought Me Here
Animal In Me
Anthem Of Why
Art Of Love (Guy Sebastian feat. Jordin Sparks)
Back In The Day
Battle Scars (Guy Sebastian feat. Lupe Fiasco)
Be Mine
Beautiful Life (Guy Sebastian feat. Rahsaan)
Bed Of Clouds (Swift K.I.D. feat. Guy Sebastian)
Big Bad World
Blur My Hands (Lupe Fiasco feat. Guy Sebastian)
Bring Yourself
Can You Stand The Rain
Can't Stop A River
Climb Every Mountain
Closer To The Sun
Come Home With Me
Coming Home
Cover On My Heart
Dare To Be Square
Diamond In My Hand
Died And Gone To Heaven
Do Life
Don't Worry Be Happy
Elevator Love
Fail To Mention
Fiend For You
Forever With You (Guy Sebastian feat. Mya)
Get Along
Give Me Some Lovin'
Hallelujah I Love Her So
Hard To Handle
Hold On I'm Coming
I 4 U
I Can't Stand The Rain
I Wish
I'd Like To Get To Know You
If I Really Loved You
I'm Gon Getcha (Guy Sebastian feat. Machel Montano)
Imagine The Sunrise
In The Midnight Hour
I've Been Loving You Too Long
Just As I Am
Knock On Wood
Let's Stay Together
Light And Shade (Guy Sebastian feat. Sage The Gemini)
Lightning (Guy Sebastian feat. Fatai)
Like A Drum
Like A Drum (The Chainsmokers Remix)
Like It Like That
Linger (Guy Sebastian feat. Lupe Fiasco)
Lost In The Streets Of LA
Magic (Guy Sebastian intr. Tarryn Stokes)
Make Heaven Wait
Mama Ain't Proud (Guy Sebastian feat. 2 Chainz)
Man In The Mirror
Message In A Bottle
My Beautiful Friend
Never Be You
Never Ever Said Goodbye
Never Hold You Down
No One Can Compare (To You)
Oh Oh
One Of Us
Only Girl In Town
Out Of Place
Out With My Baby
Private Number
Receive The Power (Guy Sebastian & Paulini)
Respect Yourself
Rise Up (Australian Idol - The Final 12)
So I
Something Don't Feel Right
Soul Man
Spirit Of The Anzacs (Lee Kernaghan feat. Guy Sebastian, Sheppard, Jon Stevens, Jessica Mauboy, Shannon Noll & Megan Washington)
Stars Collide
Story Of A Single Man
Stuck In The Middle (Adam Harvey feat. Guy Sebastian)
Summer Love
Sweetest Berry
Take Me To The River
Takin' Me Over
Taller, Stronger, Better
The Christmas Song
The Pause
The Way You Make Me Feel
Tonight Again
Trade This Love
Under The Boardwalk
Used To You
What A Wonderful World
When Doves Cry
When I Get You Alone
Who's That Girl (Guy Sebastian feat. Eve)
Wish I Didn't Tell You
You Are Not Alone
Beautiful Life
Closer To The Sun
Just As I Am
Like It Like That
The Final 12 (Australian Idol - The Final 12)
The Memphis Album
Twenty Ten
Average points: 2.48 (Reviews: 31)
Pure drivel.
Not as good as some of his previous hits, but I don't mind it at the moment.

I'm surprised to see Guy this desperate by using Avicii's style :/
Last edited: 26.10.2013 07:19
Guy's obviously got a formula - find one of the biggest singles of the year and do an almost exact copy, watered down for Australian audiences of course. This time, Guy does dance!

This one adds 95% of Avicii's "Wake Me Up" for the verses, bridge and music in general, and 5% of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite" for the chorus - and makes it sound like a Glee cover version... maybe that was the plan?
Last edited: 25.10.2013 04:01
I do like it and it grew on me a little but it's still a disappointment and one of his worst singles [if only I knew what was to come, lol]. I was reluctant at first due to the similarities to "Wake Me Up" but I never thought it was a carbon copy or anything and I actually much prefer this to "Wake Me Up" as it's so much more interesting and the vocals are better. Also this is fun which is something Avicii's track is not. Chorus is a lot of fun and I echo what 392 said below that the speediness of it is really good. Surprisingly has aged okay for me so far.

Shame it had to be subject to such extreme amounts of hate which I still think is completely irrational even when I try to be as unbiased as I can. I'm glad he promoted it on not one but two talent shows (oh the audacity of doing such a thing!) so it could be a big hit and just piss of all these haters. And of course I wanted it to be a big hit because it's Guy :p

Peaked at #28 on my personal chart in 2014
Last edited: 13.06.2015 12:25
It's actually pretty embarrassing how obvious it is that they're taking advantage of the trend Avicii has paved.
And it's pretty obvious who's doing it better.
Oh great, another rip off. He can sing but he is really starting to do my head in. The fact that this is going to go top 5 because of X Factor is really making me enjoy this even less. Go back to R&B Guy because you can actually sing that well.
This is absolutely horrendous. This make shit like All To Myself and Don't Worry Be Happy sound decent.
Interesting to see how much hate this song is getting. I liked it.

EDIT: Ha, I should have edited this about 18 months ago, because this tired me fairly quickly.

This is incredibly average and not a very good effort from him.

4* -> 2.5*
Last edited: 14.08.2015 12:49
Apart from being forced to give Avicii originality credit, I think I quite like the "folk"/"country"-dance trend because at the bare minimum, it's different. I expect if everyone and their mothers jump on board I'll get sick of it quickly, but at the moment I'm certainly more interested in this than yet another party dance-pop track, or an addition to my beloved collection of Armin things. I must say I'm actually surprised Guy Sebastian (or I should say, the song's writers/producers) bought into the trend just four months after "Wake Me Up" became huge; while "Timber" didn't really surprise me as Dr. Luke and his team are surely well up to date with what's going on, Australian pop usually can't suggest the same. I'm interested to find out if DNA were involved in this because if so, between this and Nathaniel's "You", I think that would prove that they really have a lot more to their production skills than we had been led to believe.

I suppose I should talk about the song too outside of its concept. I think the verses and pre-chorus are really strong; not as content with the breakdown but it doesn't bother me like certain other songs have. The production is watered-down for sure, but it hasn't put me off. I listened to it a couple times just now and on my second listen I noticed that it moves very fast - not in a way that it feels short, but in a way that it seems to have a whole lot of different sections that last about 15 seconds each. I haven't timed it or anything, but I know in "Wake Me Up" the sections (verse, chorus, breakdown x2) seemed to last a fair bit of time, and I think most songs in general are like that (even those infamous 10-second-verse songs usually had longer choruses). I've thought about it and have decided the reasoning behind the short sections in this song is probably to do with ensuring anyone who doesn't like a particular section is given the relief they desire before they manage to change the station, which I must admit is a pretty good tactic I'm surprised isn't used more often (or maybe I just haven't taken notice of it before). Outside of marketing tactics I think the fast pace works pretty well for helping make the song enjoyable, along with the bonus that if this somehow becomes the next "A Thousand Years" (maybe if he decides to perform it on XF next year?), it shouldn't become as boring.

And as of my double-check-that-what-I-said-is-hopefully-accurate listen, I can feel this growing on me a lot. Which means I have to up my score from 3* to 4*... maybe that's how it's doing it :O :O
Not that great and quite boring overall, 2.5.
On first listen, no thank you. But it will most likely grow on me, especially if it becomes a big hit.
Wake Me Up copy cat much? Clealy inferior to Avicii but not horrible.
Quite catchy and enjoyable.
da hört man den Avicii style schon heraus...der sollte sich mal einen besseren Produzenten holen, dann könnte das doch besser werden...
Really weird and getting dangerously close to 'Don't Worry Be Happy' territory. 2.5
Absolutely hate this cheap imitational crap Guy comes out with too often considering his status in the Australian music industry these days.
Shame on you Guy!
Wake Me Up light fürs australische Partyvolk – einfallslos, knappe 2*…
Dreist geklaut und dann auch noch schlecht umgesetzt - stimmlich nicht schlecht und einzig dies verhindert die Höchststrafe für "Like A Drum".
This is the most unoriginal song ever. And a blatant rip-off of "Wake Me Up". It's embarrassing.
Adjusted average rating under my better system: 3.13 (Correct as of 24/12/2013, I probably won't keep it updated).

And that's the one thing I can't figure out. Why this? Personally I find the kooky chorus sort of fun and amusing, I don't care what anyone says, it's wacky and nothing like anything I've heard in the pop charts. But then admittedly, the song does lack substance. It's all over too quickly and doesn't do much else that I can't call filler. I guess that's what this is. At least it's not too boring.
Last edited: 24.12.2013 09:49
For me it is actually Guy's yelping that bothers me the most. I am still convinced he is belting "I GOT RUM!!!" whenever that hook comes in. Production is enjoyable on the other hand.
Not a bad song, need to hear more of it.
...fantasieloses Etwas ohne Eigendynamik...
It's a little generic but its still catchy and a feel-good song, but Guy's had better hits of course.
1 star
Nice to see Guy staying 'current'. I'm not sure if this is quite Top 10 worthy however. Good enough. 3.3*
Great song, which is surprising for Guy, considering I find him/his music very average. I do see the "Wake Me Up" comparisons but this is actually much better executed imo.
Last edited: 17.08.2014 10:38
Das ist echt Müll! Ne typische "Bravo Hits" oder "the Dome" Nummer, wie es tausende auf solchen Samplern gibt! Einfach nur billige Mucke!
Wel heel duidelijke poging Avicii wat na te doen.
Diese schlechte Bewertung überrascht mich auch hier. "Like A Drum" hat (fast) alles, was ein Hit braucht. Klar klingts etwas nach Avicii & Co., aber das ist ja nicht das erste Mal das ein Track ähnlich klingt wie andere. Ich finds cool - 5+*
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